Awards Night 2016

Cleaning Trophies

It’s the end of season now, the competitions have come to an end and it’s time to award the trophies.  Up until this year we have hired a room at the Brasserie Restaurant for the occasion but this year we thought that we would try something different and hold it at our clubroom.

The “American Supper” we tried earlier in the year was a great success and so it was decided a repeat of that would be good but this time with liquid refreshment paid for by the club.  As usual folk brought along far too much food but as someone said, it is better to have too much than too little.  There was a great variety to suit all tastes.  Steve did a good job laying on the drinks and everyone had a pleasant social evening it was certainly more relaxed than the rather formal Brasserie affair.

Another advantage of being in the clubroom is that we were able to have a display of the successful prints and a rolling projection of the year’s best projected images.




Here are some of this season’s trophy winners.  It is a pity that Rob Evans and Geoff Cooke were both away from home and unable to attend.  Rob managed to win both the print and projected image league and Geoff won the print league (advanced)  Mike Morris (on the left) won three trophies including projected image of the year.  Len Harris (extreme right) won print of the year.  The other two gents shared a trophy – see below:-


Chairman Brian Hardy and Hon Treasurer Ray Rogers shared the honour of winning the Advanced projected image league and were left to decide who’s bookshelf the shield should sit on first.