Exhibition & Awards Evening 2024

Although we held our exhibition in the Kidderminster Library as usual this year we were unable to hold our awards evening there. Framing and mounting the prints went well thanks to our band of willing volunteers the display of images looked as good as usual.

This year we held the presentation evening in the clubroom and invited Terry Livesey, an old friend of the club, to choose his favourite print from the exhibition, share his thoughts about it and also talk about some of the other images that impressed him.

Terry chose “Heavy Metal” by Len Harris

Terry gave us an entertaining talk about the various images and we saw the year’s best pictures projected. Steve, as usual, organised the refreshments and, as usual, made a thorough good job of it.

Plenty of time was put aside for social chat and a good time was had by all.

Here’s a few images of the evening… apologies if you’re not featured…

Who provided the scrumptious cakes!!?

Trophies Galore!!

Here’s to Next Season !

Christmas Fun Night 2023

Another year has nearly passed and here we are again with the club’s traditional “Fun Night”. This year’s night was dominated mainly by some pretty evil quizzes supplied once again from the anything but evil Marion.

The Festive Jumper Show was well supported as you can see above and we also held the Blu Tack competition while being extra careful not to get the sticky stuff on our newly painted walls. Jill organised a Fish & Chip Supper, delivered over the border from Merchants in Bewdley.

It was, as always, a great opportunity to have a chat and a laugh with fellow members both old and new. Whilst on the subject of new members, it was particularly satisfying to see them winning prizes during the evening.

Andrey won the Best Jumper Prize
Darren won the Blu Tack competition
The table winning the most gruelling quiz was held by five members who joined us this season! Clockwise: Linda, Jodie, Sue, Gavin and Terry

Here is a collection of pictures of the evening. The photographer apologises to any one he’s missed and pleads old age 🙂

Right click images for full screen view

Exhibition 2023

It’s that time of year again when the Annual Exhibition takes place and we appeal for helpers to get it all organised and ship shape.

We seem to have achieved the organisation part pretty well this year, the selection committee had the images sorted in no time and the actual framing took place so quickly that our tame photographer didn’t get time to record the event for the Blog! No such photo tardiness at the hanging even though we had the job done in what must be a record one hour and ten minutes including time for the obligatory group photo. Many thanks to all who gave up some of their time to help with the framing and mounting.


Awards Night and the Grand Opening

Monday 26th June saw the opening of the 2023 exhibition and was attended by members of the club and their friends and parteners.

Ric Harding came along from the Droitwwich club to give us his opinion of the prints and to choose his favourite as Best in Exhibition. This year that honour was awarded to Stephen Baird Parker for his excellent image “The Birchwood”

Certificates for everyone’s efforts from the season were awarded together with trophies and the evening went very well with Brian’s collection of Photo Books recording the clubs progress over the years attracting much attention.

Here are a few images of the event with apologies to anyone missed by the photographer.

See you all in September!!

Christmas Fun Night 2022

Although the weather took a turn for the worse and threw some icy breezes and a fair bit of the white stuff at us we managed to hold the now famous “Fun Night” this year.

The equally famous BluTack competition formed a large part of the evening and there was an enthusiastic number of prints entered with a great variety of subjects and styles on display.

Marion supplied some fiendish quizzes, a best jumper and hat competition had us laughing and we tucked into fish & chips (delivered by Merchants of Bewdley) and mince pies.

It’s fair to say it was the usual enjoyable evening especially as partners and friends came along to join the fun.

Her are a few pictures…

Brian working out the BluTack scores.

Jill was C.O Fish & Chip suppers.

Nev won both the BluTack competition AND Best Outfit !!

Here’s to a Wonderful New Year!


For the first time since Covid stopped us all in our tracks we have been able to hold the famous KCC Exhibition in the library. Thanks to a lot of behind the scenes planning by chairman Brian Hardy and his committed committee the installation went very smoothly indeed almost as if there hadn’t been a two year gap.

Here are a few images of the evening

Steve (“I Just don’t care”) Ficken won so many trophies and certificates he came along with bags to put them in!

Finally, here’s the team (minus Mark – someone had to take the picture) that hung all the prints on the gallery walls in just a tad over 60minutes!

Mini Exhibition in Bewdley

At the beginning of April Steve organised a “Mini Exhibition” in the café in St Georges Hall Bewdley.

Just enough room on the walls for about a dozen framed prints so it was a case of “first come, first hung”.

The café is used quite well as the hall also houses facilities for various keep fit classes, music nights etc as well as the weekly cinema. We hope, therefore, that we may encourage a few new members.

Put the Light On!

Monday 28th February was to be a practical and instructional evening but to our surprise we found us all to be in the dark!

An unexplained occurrence had caused the lighting in the hall to fail. The caretaker was summoned but he could not see the cause. Luckily, the power sockets were still working and so, with the usual KCC spirit alive and kicking we soldiered on using Steve’s studio lights as our only illumination.

Despite the lighting situation (or perhaps because of! ) we had a good evening. As mentioned, Steve bought along his studio lights, and Terry posed in his impressive “Lord of the Manor” gear as a model for his tuition.

Mark came with a beautiful vase of dead daffs and an equally beautiful set of very alive LED lights. Len had a table full of flashguns and flash accessories.

There was much chat and quite a lot of laughs.

Here are a few images as a taste of the evening.

We’re Back!

After what seemed a much longer time than it really was we are finally back in the clubhouse.

Monday September 6th saw us gathered for the first “live” meeting since the pandemic struck and forced us into virtual mode courtesy of Zoom.

It was a real pleasure to meet up with old friends and fellow club members that we hadn’t seen recently much bigger than the size of our monitor screens and to indulge in the camaraderie and good humoured banter.

We haven’t seen the last of Zoom yet. We have the means of using it to allow members who are not able to be at the meeting to join in. Indeed, one of our members who is on holiday seemed to be joining us from the middle of a field!

Although most of us had probably spent a lot of lockdown time relaxing and creating the occasional masterpiece, it became obvious that the committee had spent many hours making sure the new season is to be a success.

Brian gave us a complete rundown on the new competition rules accompanied by Mike on the keyboard and Sue presented her programme for the year with some rather tasty evenings to come.

Last season’s winners were awarded their long awaited trophies and certificates much to the relief of Jill, keeper of the silverware.

Here are a few images to give a taste of the evening.   

Brian explaining the “Buts”
Mike – King of the Keyboard
Sue in control of the programme (?)
Treasurer Ray – Always smiling when receiving money !
All the Champions !

Damien Demolder Visit 20th & 21st November

Twelve of us met at Kidderminster Station in time to catch the first train into Birmingham to meet our tutor for the day, professional photographer and former editor of Amateur Photography,Damien Demolder.We were to take part in a practical “hands on” day to learn how to improve our street photography through “seeing in new ways”.

The Old Joint Stock (a former bank) in Temple Row was our destination to listen to Damien talk and demonstrate ways to use the Panasonic cameras he had brought with him for us to use.After our “drinks”, we chose a camera and headed into the city to learn how to set up our cameras, look for light and learn how to work within the confines of an area.

The morning session at an end, we popped into Costa Coffee for lunch(which just happened to be nearby).  Tummies replenished, we went back “out on the street” to put into practice everything we’d learned in the morning session – with Damien and Andre nearby to keep a watchful eye on us and also to suggest things individually on how to enhance our images.  The day ended with warm drinks and a final chat before bidding farewell and making for the train back to Kidderminster.

Tired and enthused into a new genre, we agreed that it was a “day to remember”, new friendships were formed, there was lots of laughter and we thank Damien and Andree for making it such fun.

Suzanne Hancox

The following Monday Damien came to the club to give his lecture entitled “Light & Life on the Streets”.  Everyone agreed that this was one of the best (if not the best) evenings that we have enjoyed.  His talk was not only informative with lots of hints and tips concerning street photography, but his knowledge of the Panasonic range of cameras was excellent as, indeed was his knowledge of all the other leading brands.

We missed “last drinks” at the pub but, hey, nobody cared.  That proves just how much he impressed us!

See more from Damien at https://damiendemolder.com/