Put the Light On!

Monday 28th February was to be a practical and instructional evening but to our surprise we found us all to be in the dark!

An unexplained occurrence had caused the lighting in the hall to fail. The caretaker was summoned but he could not see the cause. Luckily, the power sockets were still working and so, with the usual KCC spirit alive and kicking we soldiered on using Steve’s studio lights as our only illumination.

Despite the lighting situation (or perhaps because of! ) we had a good evening. As mentioned, Steve bought along his studio lights, and Terry posed in his impressive “Lord of the Manor” gear as a model for his tuition.

Mark came with a beautiful vase of dead daffs and an equally beautiful set of very alive LED lights. Len had a table full of flashguns and flash accessories.

There was much chat and quite a lot of laughs.

Here are a few images as a taste of the evening.