Relief At Last !

Ever since we moved to our present quarters in Saint Barnabas Hall we have waited for the promised improvement to the toilet situation.  Up until now the only one available has been via a long trek through to the rear of the building and up a steep staircase.  As, like so many clubs, our membership is formed largely by retired folk, this walk together with a possible queue at the end has been a major downside to our much loved home.

The building work required to alleviate the situation has been beset by not only financial problems but unforeseen snags with the old building revealing obstacles that have stretched the estimated time and costs.

Over the last year however, the prospect brightened considerably when money became available via a grant from the local council due to the efforts of Councillor Ann Hingley and work was started in earnest.

At the end of 2014 the committee received an invitation from the trustees for the 10th January to attend a grand opening of the splendid new toilets equipped with all mod cons and situated on the ground floor.

Naturally, we were delighted to accept.  Duncan said he would attend at his convenience, Terry wanted to know if it was to be a sit down affair, Andrea said she would pee there and couldn’t wait and lots more loo related comments were made in true KCC style.

It was a very pleasant morning.  We were serenaded by a charming flutist playing Handel’s Water Music.  Coffee was served, raffle tickets sold and there was many an item to spend ones pennies on.  Anne Hingley gave a little speech in the crowded corridor, cut the ribbon and ceremoniously gave one of the toilets an inaugural flush.  All in the best possible taste!

Afterwards all the usual suspects retired to The Three Crowns and Sugar Loaf for lunch.



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