The Season’s Winning Images

Marathon 2022

Marathon ’22 took place again in Worcester, the weather was excellent, a good crowd joined in and a pleasant time was had by all.

Irene Preston was unable to join us but in true KCC spirit completed the challenge around her house and garden!

This year’s subjects were : Bike(s), Reflections, Ground Level, Something Sweet, Triangle(s) Symmetry, Over the Top, Movement, Skyline, and Gate(s).

The top scorers were :- Karen Bunn 261, Martin Rowe, 253 and Len Harris 243

How good to see our latest newcomer to the club doing so well, well done Karen!

Here are a just few of the results.

Bike by Irene Preston

Gate by Derek Aston
Ground Level by Mike Gregg
Movement by Andy Dean
Movement by Karen Bunn
Movement by Martin Rowe
Over the Top by Louise Birch
Reflections by Len Harris
Reflections by Phil Williamson
Skyline by Debbie Williamson
Skyline by John Lacey
Something Sweet by Jill Harris
Symmetry by Karen Bunn
Symmetry by Martin Rowe
Symmetry by Phil Williamson (Note the Seagulls!)
Triangle by Marion Shephard

The League 2021/2022

Round One Prints FIRST – “On a Break” by Steve Ficken
Round One Prints SECOND “The Puddle” by Tony Goddard

Round One Prints THIRD “Stunning Swaldale” by Tony Goddard

Round One DPIs FIRST “Busy Bee” by Nev Haycox
Round One DPIs SECOND “Hoverfly” by Duncan West
Round One DPIs THIRD “Fruit Graduation” by Mike Gregg

Round Two Prints FIRST “Follow Me” by Sue Hancox
Round Two Prints SECOND “Red Torpedo” by John Lacey
Round Two Prints THIRD “Engineer at Work” by Steve Ficken

Round Two DPIs FIRST “The Hulk” by Steve Ficken
Round Two DPIs SECOND “Hellebore” by Brian Hardy
Round Two DPIs THIRD “Nature’s Vibrancy” by Louise Birch
Round Three Prints First ” Quickstep” by Tony Goddard
Round Three Prints Second “Arcs d’Elliipses Freemantle” by Sue Hancox
Round Three Prints Third “Old Quarry” by Steve Ficken
Round Three DPIs First “Ladybird Foraging by Duncan West

Round Three DPIs Second ” So Proud” by Janet Poole
Round Three DPIs Third “Wait Your Turn” by Neville Haycock
Round Four Prints First “Biker” by Martin Rowe
Round Four Prints Second “Low Hocum Farm” by Brian Hardy

Round Four Prints Third “Tom Going to Work” by John Lacey
Round Four DPIs First “Shaun” by Steve Ficken

Round Four DPIs Second “Welsh Pony” by John Lacey
Round Four DPIs Third “Evening Meal” by Brian Hardy

DPI of the Year 2022

Landscape Image of the Year “Emerging” by Neville Haycox

Architectual Image of the Year and Winning Image of the Year “Big Brothers Watching You” by Janet Poole
People Image of the Year “Zoe” by Steve Ficken
Nature Image of the Year “Hoverfly” by Duncan West
Open Image of the Year “Speeding Tickets” by Tony Goddard
Winner of the Eric Love Trophy for Creative Image of the Year “Pearl Set in Filigree Gold” by Abdulkarim Zahra

Print of the Year 2022

People Print of the Year “Yesterday” by Martin Rowe

Landscape Print of the Year “Low Hocum Farm” by Brian Hardy
Nature Print of the Year “Damsel Flies” by John Lacey
Open Print of the Year and PRINT of THE YEAR “Waiting for Dawn” by Steve Ficken

Panels Competition 2022

FIRST “Ice” by Marion Shephard
SECOND “Bread” by Len Harris
THIRD “Shoes” by Ray Rogers

Bob Grazier Trophy 2021 Set Subject “A Song or Music Title” Print

FIRST “Yesterday” by Martin Rowe

SECOND “Maria Playing Harp Concerto in E Flat Major by John Lacey
THIRD “A Spoonful of Sugar” by Len Harris

PG Wall Trophy 2021 Set Subject -“Song or Music Title” DPI

FIRST “Dedicated Follower of Fashion” by Tony Goddard
SECOND “Happy Birthday to You” by Len Harris

THIRD “What’s New Pussycat” by Marion Shephard

The Chairman’s Challenge Competition October 2021

Set Subject ” Summer”

FIRST “And the livin’ is easy” by Len Harris
SECOND “On Your Marks” by Laurie Abraham
THIRD “Mini Summer Fun” by Mark Gameson