The Season’s Winning Images

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Marathon 2023

Marathon ’23 took place yet again in Worcester, the weather was excellent, a good crowd joined in and a pleasant time was had by all.

This year’s subjects were : Barriers, Colourful, Connected, Fragile, Go Green, On the Move and Seeing Red.

The top scorers were :- Karen Bunn 222pts, Nev Haycox 206pts, Sue Hancox 205pts, Martin Rowe 203pts ans Phil Williamson 191pts.

This is the second time in a row that Karen has won the Marathon – Well Done!!

Here are a just few of the results.

“Barriers” by Karen Bunn
“Colourful” by Martin Rowe
Gate by Derek Aston
“Connected” by Phil Williamson
“Connected” by Sue Hancox
“Fragile” by Karen Bunn
“Go Green” by Celia Bartlett
“On the Move” by Abdul Karim Zahra
“Seeing Red” by Derek Aston
“Seeing Red By Nev Haycox

Chairman’s Challenge 2023 “In Town”

This year the Challenge coincided with the sad news of the sudden death of our member John Lacey.

In respect of John, who had entered the competition, it was decided not to award the usual first, second and third places but to ask the judge just to choose the images he was most impressed with.

Below are those choices in no particular order of merit.


“Waiting in the Sun” by Brian Hardy

“Building Blocks” by Marion Shepherd

“Ghost Town” by Martin Rowe

“Raining Umbrellas” by Brian Hardy

Projected Images

“Busking” by Kye Watson

“Odd One Out” by Janet Poole

“Oh, Oh Severn” by Len Harris

The League 2023/2024

Round One Best Print “The One That Got Away” by Nev Haycox
Round One Joint Best DPI “The Sacred Stones of Amethyst” by Kye Watson
Round One Joint Best DPI “Arctic Night” by Stephen Baird-Parker

Round One Joint Best DPI “Molly” by Terry Rees
Round Two Joint Best Print “Kiburi” by Stephen Baird-Parker
Round Two Joint Best Print “The Shadows” by Nev Haycox
Round Two Joint Best Print “Striking a Pose” by Steve Ficken

Round Two Best DPI “Speckled Bush Cricket” by Len Harris

Round Three Joint Best Print ” Night Rider” by Steve Cross
Round Three Joint Best Print “Floral Dance” by Martin Rowe

Round Three Best DPI “House Spider” by Terry Rees

Round Four Joint Best Print “Floral Art” by Steve Ficken

Round Four Joint Best Print “Twr Mawr Lighthouse” by Nev Haycox

Round Four Joint Best DPI “Hyde Family Jam Buskers” by Kye Watson

Round Four Joint Best DPI “The Fly on My Finger” by Len Harris

DPI of the Year 2023

Architecture Image of the Year and DPI of the Year – “3D Shapes by Irene Preston
Landscape Image of the Year “A Winter Walk” by Marion Shephard
Sport Image of the Year “The Corner Kick” by Ray Rogers
Nature Image of the Year “Grey Heron” by Brian Hardy
Portrait of the Year “Sid Peters” by John Lacey
Open Image of the Year ” Racing Car Bonnet” by Ray Rogers
Winner of the Eric Love trphy for Creative Image of the Year – Tony Goddard for “Please Forgive Me”

Print of the Year 2023

People Print of the Year ” time” by Martin Rowe
Open Print of the Year “Follow the Line” by Tony Goddard
Landscape Print of the Year ” Orange Rocks” by Martin Rowe
Nature Print of the Year “Black Faced Impala” by Brian Hardy
Open Print of the Year & PRINT OF THE YEAR “Trinity” by Martin Rowe

Best Print in the Exhibition 2023

“The Birchwood” by Stephen Baird-Parker

Panels Competition 2023

1st ” Re-Entry” by Marion Shepherd
2nd ” Anatomy of Pompeii” by Karen Bunn
3rd “Secret Seville” by Marion Shepherd

Bob Grazier Trophy for Prints 2024 Set Subject “Mechanical”

First Place “Heavy Metal” by Len Harris
Second Place “Handroid” by Len Harris
Third Place “Engineering in Thetford” by Debbie Williamson

PG Wall Trophy for DPIs 2024 Set Subject “Mechanical”

First Place “Waterwheel” by Terry Rees
Second Place “Wind Power” by Kye Watson
Third Place “Cogwheel” by Marion Shepherd