Exhibition 2017

February seems to appear earlier every year, Christmas fled by and we’re into ExhibitionTime again.  This year Kidderminster Library has asked us to keep the exhibition in place for two months, an extra four weeks to our usual four.

Contrary to popular belief, the preparation and installation does not happen overnight organised by mysterious beings whose only purpose in life is to arrange such events.  The following few pictures shows the truth, real folk spending real time, cleaning the sometimes grubby mounts, polishing the glass and sorting uprights and horizontals.  This is done a few days after the prints have been selected,  sorted by format, content and mount colour and photographed as a planner to how they will appear on the gallery walls.  A big thank you to all who came along to the framing day.

There are always little problems to overcome along the way before we get to the actual day of hanging but we have yet to be defeated .  This year we were concerned about the condition of our ageing frames which were a collection of dated  “Mahogany” and “Gold”  and to replace them would have made a very large hole in the club funds.  Luckily, Mark Gameson’s father Philip, the owner of a joinery firm came forward to make us an offer we couldn’t refuse –  to spray them a uniform matt black.  They now look excellent and we will be eternally grateful for Philip’s generosity.

Ex Planner

Committee Members Framing pictures at St Barnabas Community Hall

Sue Hancox Showing finished picture

Brian Hardy (Club Chairman}

John Pugh (Vice Chairman), Sue Hancox and Maureen Mundon (Club Secretary)

Maureen Mundon and John Pugh Framing.

Jill Harris Packing Finished Framed Pictures

Len Harris with pictures to be framed

Happily, we had plenty of volunteers to help on installation day.  It took only two hours from start to finish with all the “T”s crossed and the”I”s dotted.








Job Done -What a Team !

And so, onto the opening night, 1st February 2017

This year we invited Graham Walton to open the exhibition and judge the pictures.  There are two awards, Best Print in the general section and best in the advanced.  We were pleased to hear Graham praise the quality of the work and the exhibition as a whole and glad that we made his choices difficult!

The opening night was, as usual, well attended with members bringing their partners along to share the occasion.


Brian with Graham Walton

















Decisions, decisions…..

After much studying Graham duly awarded the two trophies


Mark Gameson won the General Trophy for his print “Girl on a Train”



The Advanced award went to Len Harris for his “No More Tea & Roses”