On a lovely Sunday morning we all met up in the countryside at Kinver at a fairly reasonable time for Landscape photography. After a short walk up a hill to our destination everyone began getting their camera and tripods out and started composing for what was a lovely view. After an explanation of the basics of landscape photography and the advantage of using filters, a demonstration was given to each member of how a simple filter could drastically improve their exposure and ultimately greatly enhance the image without the use of a computer. Focusing and composition tips were demonstrated while we walked around Kinver Edge looking at new landscape shots which did not encompass the traditional views and expanding everyone’s definition of landscape and encouraging them to look around them at all of their surroundings.    Terry.


IMG_2975 IMG_2977 IMG_2979 IMG_2983



                                                                                                                             and here are some of the results…..


Kinver Edge

Kinver Edge by Marion Shephard

Back to nature by Ann Dixon

Back to Nature by Ann Dixon

Let it blow. Bob Dixon

Let it Blow by Bob Dixon


by Jeff Evans


by Mark Gameson