The Morgan Experience


Action Woman Andrea does it again – this time with a visit to the Morgan Motor Company to see how they build those marvellous machines.  Everyone agreed that it was a great experience being taken around the factory to see the cars taking shape in the hands of the individual craftsmen from the chassis (no they are not wooden!) to the moment they are put onto the transporter that will take them to their final destination either in the UK or more likely to countries world wide.  Contrary to popular belief the waiting time for your shiny new roadster is no longer a matter of years but a mere three months.  Unfortunately, we were all undecided which model, and there are many, to place an order for –  although it is believed that Steve bought a key ring …



Morgan Group

Laurie persuaded our guide to take this group. You will notice that we seem to have gained a few more members. These are folk that we met during the tour and were so attracted to us that they tagged along.


by  Bob Dixon

Film Intro

Slideshow First                          by Len Harris


by  John Pugh


by John Pugh

Reflections of Jill, Len & Terry

Reflections of Jill, Len & Terry                                                         By Sue Hancox


Supercar                                                  by Len Harris

P1020065 (3)

Grilled Selfie                                   by Ray Rogers

1, Morgan headlight

Morgan Headlight                                     by Mike Gregg

Nearly Finished

Nearly Finished                                                by Len Harris

Weird Three Wheeler

Weird Three Wheeler                                  by Len Harris

Morgan reflections

Morgan Reflections                                                  by Derek Aston

Jeff Asks a Question

Jeff Asks a Question                                                  by Jill Harris

Pattern Picture

Pattern Picture                              by Jill Harris

worker(2)  Jeff

Metal Worker                                                by Jeff Evans

Any Colour You Want

Any Colour You Want                                              by Jill Harris

awaiting dispatch  Jeff

Awaiting Dispatch                                                          by Jeff Evans

len in action!

Len in action! by                                   Laurie Abraham

no parking!

No parking!                           by Laurie Abraham

Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble by Terry Jamieson                      Taken at the Great Malvern Prioryin prior to the factory visit


A message from our leader!