The Team Challenge 2014

Back in the days when the club membership struggled to reach twenty five this competition was called The Five a Side.  Now our membership pushes sixty, re-naming it was the only way ahead.  Jill organizes us into teams every year.  This year we had six teams of between five and eight members.  Each team was required to submit ten images, a mixture of prints and projected and the judge then gives marks out of twenty to each image.  The team with the most marks is declared the winner.

This year’s winner with was Sue Hancox’s team, “Suzies Floozies” with 164 points.  Second came Derek Aston’s “Aston Villas” with 161.  Third was Brian Hardy’s “Hardy Perennials” with 156. Fourth Steve Ficken’s “Shady” with 153.  Fifth came Mike Webb’s “Wampant Wabbits” with 151 and last but not least (?) Geoff Cookes “Captain Cooke’s Crew” with 144.

Like most competitions at KCC the night was taken anything but seriously, a few laughs were had, legs were pulled, Micky was taken etc.  We had fun with photography then retired to the pub to gloat or commiserate  – ain’t that what it’s all about?

Winners Team Challenge

Suzies Floozies receiving their prize ( a big tin of Heros!) from David Lowe our intrepid judge.