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KCC welcomes new members.  Unlike the traditional “Photographic Society” of yesteryear you’ll find us as much interested in you as the pictures you take and a lot more than the camera you use.   The fact is, you don’t have to take photographs or even own a camera to join the club, all you need is an interest in photography in all its aspects.

The club, like many others, is now virtually all “digital”, that is to say that most of our active members are using digital cameras rather than film.  Digital photography has revolutionized our hobby over the last ten years or so and this has made the making of good quality, exciting images much more accessible to everyone.  We have fully embraced the new technology and you will find that a fair deal of instruction and advice in this field available to you from various members and visiting lecturers if you wish to progress in this fascinating pastime

We’re committed to being active within the community and welcome suggestions from other clubs to help with joint ventures.  We have strong ties with Kidderminster Arts Council and you will often find us at their various functions.

There’s absolutely no charge or commitment if you’d like to come along to see what we’re about.  We strongly suggest that you make not one, but two or three visits to get a true feel for our activities.  If you decide to join us full time we’ll be delighted.  You’ll find a really relaxed atmosphere with folk who will make you immediately feel at home.

Want to know more?  Take a look at our contacts page where you will find the phone numbers of people you can chat to or email us about any aspect.