DPI Sizing and Titles

DPI Sizing and Instructions for adding title and author to digital files for projection.

Image Size: 1400 wide (max.) x 1050 high (max) x 200 ppi.

This does not mean images should be 1400×1050 but a horizontal image must be 1400 wide maximum and a vertical image must be 1050 high maximum.

Adding a white 2 pixel stroke line improves the display.

You must add the title and author information to the file in Windows Explorer. The projection software will use this information to display the title and author and save the projectionist having to add the information to forty or more PDIs. 

Using Windows 98 / XP:

            In Windows Explorer right-click on the filename.
            click on Properties
            click on Summary
            add title and author in appropriate boxes

Using Windows Vista / Windows 7 and above

            In Explorer right-click on thumbnail or filename
            click on Properties
            click on Details
            place the cursor on Title and move to the right to reveal a box prompting for title
            similarly place cursor on Author to add author name.