Christmas Fun Night 2023

Another year has nearly passed and here we are again with the club’s traditional “Fun Night”. This year’s night was dominated mainly by some pretty evil quizzes supplied once again from the anything but evil Marion.

The Festive Jumper Show was well supported as you can see above and we also held the Blu Tack competition while being extra careful not to get the sticky stuff on our newly painted walls. Jill organised a Fish & Chip Supper, delivered over the border from Merchants in Bewdley.

It was, as always, a great opportunity to have a chat and a laugh with fellow members both old and new. Whilst on the subject of new members, it was particularly satisfying to see them winning prizes during the evening.

Andrey won the Best Jumper Prize
Darren won the Blu Tack competition
The table winning the most gruelling quiz was held by five members who joined us this season! Clockwise: Linda, Jodie, Sue, Gavin and Terry

Here is a collection of pictures of the evening. The photographer apologises to any one he’s missed and pleads old age 🙂

Right click images for full screen view