Studio Lighting Evening – it’s all about learning

At the end of October, we held a talk by Gary Noake and myself (Terry) all about studio lighting. We wanted to get across how flash photography can enhance and compliment a photograph whilst showing how different light modifiers produce light. Although I called this article studio lighting we started off the evening using a single speedlight through to studio lights because not everyone has access to studio lighting and also so they can see what can be accomplished with the tools most people already have.  Below you will see a few lighting diagrams done by Gary and the results from each lighting technique.


So here we have used a white background which has turned a lovely shade of grey as the light falls off. We have used 2 speedlights firing into silver umbrellas.

Here we have used the same setup as above but now used a black background.

This is a single gridded 21″ white beauty dish and a Bowens 500 Pro light.

This is a single 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light.

This is a 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light and a keylight with a small softbox on a Bowens 400 light.

This is a 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light and a keylight with 2 strip softboxs on a Bowens 400 lights. A black flag was used to stop spill from the left strip box on the front of the face.


An evening with Ralph Duckett


This evening, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ralph Duckett to the Kidderminster Camera Club in order to present a selection of his images whilst also providing a witty & enlightening description and back story to his photographs. Looking at his work, it is easy to see how he has attained the highest standard of Masters in the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) accreditation and he is an EFIAP.

It’s always great to receive these talks at the club, as they help to broaden people’s vision of photography and start to generate their own ideas for producing bodies of work. We try to balance the talks with tutorial evenings, competitions and practical sessions in order to give members the best opportunity to make the most of their membership and personal development.


Ralph’s Bio

Ralph has lived all of his life near Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England and has been a keen photographer since a small boy.

Ralph joined his local camera club, Burton on Trent Photographic Society, where he was advised to learn the craft of darkroom printing and has gone on from strength to strength. He is a prolific photographer and his first love is landscape photography, though Ralph does take photographs of a great variety of subject matter. Ralph was reluctant to move over to digital printing and capture, only making the change when infrared film was discontinued and fewer exhibitions were accepting slides.

To view some of Ralph’s work head over to his website:


Kidderminster Library Gallery Extended

KIDDERMINSTER Camera Club’s photographic exhibition at Kidderminster Library will be on display for an extra month.

Club spokesman Duncan McCormack praised the new gallery and said the exhibition – which will now continue until Sunday, July 28 – had been a “complete success”. We have extended our stay. It was so successful, the library has made it look so good that when we went into pull it down, they asked if we would leave it up. We have had more people in there because of the gallery’s position than we have ever had in the past, there is always someone in there because it is so accessible from the library, rather than having to go up the stairs. It has been a very good place to exhibit and we have been able to put the same number of prints up. They are presented and lit well.

KCC exhibition-05 KCC exhibition-04 KCC exhibition-02 KCC exhibition-01