The Famous Christmas Fun Night!

Yes folks, as Christmas draws near it’s time to roll out the skittles alley, get the drinks in, order the fish and chips and do what we do at KCC – have some FUN!

Costume Group

                  This year we had a little competition for the most outstanding Christmas attire.  Not surprisingly, it was quite well supported.


Wendy & Earrings

Mark & Prize

    Mark – The Winner ! 

Wendy Answers

                 Wendy’s Quiz was a great success

  and had us all guessing

Terry J etc

Sue & Rob

Steve Maureen Phil Tony etc

Martin & Wendy

Laurie & Friends

Quiz Winners

     The Quiz winners

and their fabulous prizes !      

And so, on with the skittles

Peter Bowling

Maureen Bowling


Brian & Scores

Ray & Wendy

Winning Team

                                                                                                      The winning skittles team




Peter & Jill prize

Duncan & Prize

                                Peter and Duncan

both won individual prizes for their skittles prowess – well done!