Our First Photo Marathon

On a recent club night Mike Webb, a respected member who is into most things photographic, introduced us to “Photo Marathons” a concept that was new to us all.  Mike related his story of his experiences during one such event around the city of Bath.

The idea is that one turns up at a pre-arranged meeting place to be handed a list of subjects to be photographed.  Apparently 20 is the usual number.  Each subject is to be shot strictly in the order that they appear on the list as a jpeg without any post processing and in the landscape format only.  A time is set for entrants to accomplish this and hand their card to the organiser to be uploaded onto a computer. Prizes are awarded for images displaying photo skill, interpretation of the subject etc. Subjects are chosen to allow for much varied interpretation.

Not only was Mike’s talk a great success, especially hearing of all the pitfalls that he encountered, but we decided there and then that the club ought to arrange a marathon of our own. 

We thought to start in a small way as a “tryout” with Kidderminster as our venue and just five subjects :-  ” Looking Down”, “Looking Smart”, “Steps”, “Old”, and “Out of Place”.

 As it happened, our rather cautious approach was a good decision as the weather on the day chosen was torrential rain and rather windy.  However,  twenty members came along, got well soaked but entered into the spirit of the day in typical KCC style.

Our thanks must go to Les and his team at “Coffee #1” for not only letting us set up our “headquarters” in the cafe but also generously gifting us with prizes for the winners.

Here are a few shots of the day followed by the results and pictures taken on the evening set aside for prize giving. We made full use of Brian Swinyard who was judging round one of the print league.

One hundred images, printed and mounted – well done Brian!

Highlights show top results

Stee won the wine and chocolates donated by the centre management.

Here’s to our next Photo Marathon!