Photo Marathon June 2019

Following the unlikely success of our trial run at organising a “Photo Marathon” back in 2018 (see the BLOG 17th October) in torrential rain it was decided that we should go for the ‘real thing’ this year and pray that the weather be kind to us.

Worcester was chosen for our battleground, the Hive as our meeting place and centre of operations from where Brian, Sue & Mike Webb set up the computer, met and greeted the participants collected the images and drank a lot of tea and coffee.

The weather behaved surprisingly well just giving a short sharp shower around lunchtime presumably just to remind us that we shouldn’t take it for granted.

We were set ten titles/subjects to test our skills, imagination and patience.

We therefore set off to record, in strict order:


Great fun. Making sure to get the subjects in the correct order, trying to overcome our natural desire to frame some of our shots in portrait mode as one of the rules decreed that all images must be in the landscape format.  Meeting fellow members all looking for the shot that you’ve just taken or desperately need.  All adding to a really pleasant, different day’s shooting.

Obviously, so many images were taken that it is impossible to show them here but here are just a few.

Prizes Galore

Our Chairman, Brian, made the cunning decision to hold the Marathon Prize Giving on the same evening as the Annual General Meeting thus it was one of the best attended AGMs ever!

Every image was printed and mounted on boards dedicated to individual authors and they made a really impressive display.

The images were judged by technique, composition, portrayal of subject etc. and points awarded. The final results looked like this:

The top three players were so close it is unfair to distinguish between them. Prizes were also awarded to the top scorers in each category.

Here are the lucky winners clutching their prizes:

a BIG Thank You!

Listed below are links to all the companies who responded so generously to our request for prizes for this event.  We would urge all members to make these dealers a first stop for any future purchases you have in mind.

Thanks also, of course, to Brian Hardy, Sue Hancox, Mike Webb and Maureen Mundon for the organization of this splendid event which, no doubt, is set to be a regular in the KCC calendar.