We’re Back!

After what seemed a much longer time than it really was we are finally back in the clubhouse.

Monday September 6th saw us gathered for the first “live” meeting since the pandemic struck and forced us into virtual mode courtesy of Zoom.

It was a real pleasure to meet up with old friends and fellow club members that we hadn’t seen recently much bigger than the size of our monitor screens and to indulge in the camaraderie and good humoured banter.

We haven’t seen the last of Zoom yet. We have the means of using it to allow members who are not able to be at the meeting to join in. Indeed, one of our members who is on holiday seemed to be joining us from the middle of a field!

Although most of us had probably spent a lot of lockdown time relaxing and creating the occasional masterpiece, it became obvious that the committee had spent many hours making sure the new season is to be a success.

Brian gave us a complete rundown on the new competition rules accompanied by Mike on the keyboard and Sue presented her programme for the year with some rather tasty evenings to come.

Last season’s winners were awarded their long awaited trophies and certificates much to the relief of Jill, keeper of the silverware.

Here are a few images to give a taste of the evening.   

Brian explaining the “Buts”
Mike – King of the Keyboard
Sue in control of the programme (?)
Treasurer Ray – Always smiling when receiving money !
All the Champions !