An Evening in Bridgnorth

View from above #2

This year’s evening shoot took place in Bridgnorth on 20th June.  A bit of a risk really as just before the event it was realized that there was important football to be seen on the television that could seriously interrupt our traditional meet up at the local hostelry and perhaps prevent many members from taking part.  As it happened, we needn’t have worried.  The town was very quiet, twenty one folk turned up and the local Wetherspoons was amazingly quiet.

As soon as we arrived in the car park we had a sense that the evening was set fair for fun as a local resident, clad in his dressing gown, came over to take a group picture for us.  Here it is – don’t blame the guy for all the squinty eyes or that two of our crowd were paying more interest in their cameras than the job in hand.

Club Group

The contrasty light eventually gave was to a softer, warm and pleasant sunshine and it seems that everyone managed a few satisfying shots.  Bridgnorth was certainly a good choice of location offering a castle, a steam railway two churches, a warren of quaint roads, pubs and shops.  A few of us are intent on a return visit in the near future.



Shoppe & Castle Walk