Not Another Competition?!


The Famous KCC Blu Tack Competition

The last thing that we want at KCC is to be accused of being stuck up but 25th of April you could have said that of us.  The Blu Tack competition means that members could enter the competition by bringing along an unmounted A4 print together with their entry fee which was a plate of delicious food.  The prints were stuck around the clubroom walls using – you’ve guessed it – Blu Tack –  and the food placed on tables for all to enjoy as the evening progressed.

We all found out that a print judging is not at all easy as we went around assessing the anonymous work of our fellow members.  Marks were given out of 20, Brian then did a great job on his specially designed spread sheet to work out the winners.

Whilst the marks were being totted we were kept entertained by completing fiendish quizzes kindly (?) put together by Marion and Wendy and over indulging on the delicious fare on the buffet.

Congratulations to the photo winners –  First – John Stachewicz, Second –  Martin Rowe and Third –  Brian Hardy .  Fourth was Alison Waldron and Fifth – Duncan McCormack.

The quizzes were won as a table and we certainly have our fair share of egg heads in the club.  They were awarded huge boxes of Thorntons chocolates which were duly shared.




Steve sticking up

Mike & Martin

Wendy marking

Duncan &

Gary Food

Ray Laura &

Quiz 1

Quiz Win 1

Chocs & Wine

Quiz Win 2

Print Winners