Eclipse 2015

It is probably a little known fact to KCC members but our John Pugh, among his many other interests, is a bit of an expert on heavenly bodies of the extra terrestrial kind.  Realizing that this year’s eclipse was not going to be witnessed again until 2026 he couldn’t wait to photograph the event.  Most of us would stay clear of attempting this amid dire warnings of instant blindness should one look directly at the sun.

John, not wishing to be known as ” Blind Pugh” selected the densest filter in his collection which was one normally intended for infra red images and therefore almost opaque to the naked eye.  This was too small to attach to the Fuji 200mm lens he wished to use but he just held it in front and shot away with 1/4000 sec at f22 and -3 stops exposure compensation dialed into the Fuji XE-2 camera.  You must agree that the result is excellent and a superb record of a once in a lifetime event.

If you have taken great eclipse images that you would like featured on this page please send them by email to Len.


Eclipse start

Eclipse max

…and here are some more, this time from Ray Rogers,

with a rather interesting “as it happened” sequence.

Ray took these on his Fuji XT-1  1/2000 sec at f6.7 with ISO 800

and in

DSCF0733 4




DSCF0760 4 DSCF0763 4 DSCF0767 4 DSCF0773 4 DSCF0779 4 DSCF0785 4