Studio Night 2015

This year’s Studio Night was certainly different with a visit from Kaz in her full suit of Medieval Armour and a demonstration from Wendy of her pop up studio plus a demonstration from make up artist Jordan . The make up was lost on Kaz who spent most of the evening inside her tin suit.

There was the usual three studio sets (not counting Wendy’s !) kindly supplied, as usual, by John & Maureen, Steve Ficken and Terry Livesey and most members had a chance to photograph our lovely models, Laura, Emily, Kerry, Anna and the handsome Nick.



Some images from Terry Livesey


KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait




…and some from John Pugh

Laura-01 [DSCF0589][SJ]

Emily-04 [DSCF0543][SJ]

Emily-02 [DSCF0538][SJ]

Emily-01 [DSCF0534][A4][SJ]


 ….and a few from Duncan McCormack






 Refreshments served in the corridor as the tea room housed Wendy’s Pop Up Portrait Studio.



Kaz – our Knight in Shining Armour






Wendy’s “Pop Up Photo Booth” was a great success and a huge source of fun.  Taking up most of the room usually used as our tearoom it sat there like a giant, white blancmange  luring the unsuspecting, curious person into it’s interior where, in an instant, it presented one with a wonderful, colourful print demonstrating just how silly one can behave when there’s no one but a camera to bear witness.

150323_212639 (2)


Wendy hires her booth  to wedding receptions,stag and hen parties, etc.  For further details contact Wendy via her Facebook page at or email her at






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