Hanging Day at Old Saint Barnabas

As much as we love our clubroom it has to be said that the decor cannot be described as upmarket.  The room was originally a school hall and retains quite a few of the original features.  There are bookshelves all round now standing empty their only use is a resting place for the occasional coffee cup or handbag and possibly, would you believe, camera.  There is a false ceiling of (1960’s ?) polystyrene tiles probably hiding the original vaulted ceiling.  These are now an interesting shade of grey. The huge bulbous radiators with their six inch pipes around the room are still there and in working (?) order creating an atmosphere that is usually too warm or too cold but hardly ever just right.  Even the old bell rope is there, but pull it if you dare!

Last year the whole received a coat of paint, hurrah we said –  but the finished result turned out to be two shades of a bilious green.

We decided that what we needed to do was to put our own, special KCC stamp on the place.  Fifteen frames were duly purchased and fifteen prints from the 2015 exhibition were chosen.  A small working team moved in and spread these around the room to cover at least some of the pallid eau de nil.  Magic!  We now have a clubroom that looks like it is used by photo enthusiasts and is much admired by the other users, the trustees et al.

What goes where Make your mind up

Tidying up DSC01882 After the Hanging After the hanging 3jpg